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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Triple Treat

It all started one day with me and my sister out in the pool we just started touching each other thn when my mom called us in because it was gettin late so we did thn we went upstairs in our bedroom ( we shared a bedroom ) we were gettin changed when my sister was nude and all wet she noticed my boner and asked she could touch I said yes she the proceeded to give me a handjob thn followed by a blow job we were both in our teen so we knew what we was doing I was 17 and she 16 she carried on give me a blowjob which is the best handjob and blowjob I ever got.just seeing her her tight pussy and her fine ass made me ejaculate right on her mouth she swallowed and then she stood up and I said want to do somemore an she said yes in a sexy seductevly voice our parents still down stairs I bent her over doggy style and had sex with her right there whole our parents were downstairs before I cummed I pulled out and she turned round and she swallowed again so I said some more once again this time I had anal sex there of was amazing me penetrating her while our parents were downstairs added to the thrill. After this we carried on evenbour parents were in the house I'd finger her and eat her pussy thn she would give me head itbwas all amazing.then one day our mom caught us in the bedroom having sex to our surprise she just stood there did not even raise her voice obviously we stopped and we turned to face her my sister was all wet from the excitment her pushy juices were just falling down her legs me I still had my boner on my mom had us two when she was prett young she's 39 and still really hot anyway I still had my boner on and we both just stood there while our mum stared at us untill she camenpver grabbed my penis and started to give me. Blow job and pull my sister over and started to finger her. By this time me parents had split up and she was lonely and sad before u knew she got really onto it and we had threesome right there now me my sister and my mom have sex every day and it's amazing and now I have a girlfriend and my sister has a boyfriend but they know nothing about what goes on and we still have sex when they not there the sex with my mom and sister is amazing best I have ever had we still do it to this day.

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