Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Straight To It

So they meet again! Sasha Rose and Matt Bird have been waiting to catch up ever since they last left each other. Indeed, they make quite the sexy pair! Matt asks Sasha what the camera is doing these and how she wants to take it this time. 'I like to watch myself get fucked,' she says, followed by 'now shut up and take my lead'. Sasha heads straight for the goods and Matt doesn't look back.

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Blindfolded To Fuck Karina

Karina Grand has her two men in tow, blindfolded and being scratched bright red. She's tied them and brought them to her lair, an anonymous place she keeps for her fun times. This act is quickly dropped however, and Csoky and Victor dig into fucking the beautiful blonde silly in an anal creampie.

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Deep-Woods Trails

Christen, Mugur and Zack are at the top of their game. Physically, they're never been more in shape thanks to some rigorous back-country biking. As the summer has been burning along however, they've built up quite the sexual tension... and today they've decided to do something about it! They know just the secluded spot on the trail, and the guys are about to find out that Christen is no stranger to anal adventures!

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

She looks like a flashlight, but sure doesn’t fuck like one!

You wouldn’t belive the number of times my blog is found by people who are searching for a Pussy Flashlight in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Now I will admit that the Fleshlight does look like a flashlight and that’s the whole point, it was meant to fool our nosey girlfriends and wifes into thinking it was actually a flashlight. Above you see a picture of a Pussy Fleshlight, the Original Pink Lady as a matter of fact. The next time one of your friends says hey do you have one of those pussy flashlights just say to him what the fuck are you talking about are you telling me that you are fucking your MagLite to get yourself off and see what kind of look you get from him. Then can say, “you dumb mother fucker, don’t you mean Pussy Fleshlight?” Then he will say yeah that’s what I meant after you smack him upside his head.

However you look at it the Pussy Fleshlight looks just like a flashlight and it is available in four different case colors (Black, Clear, Silver and Blue). You can get the Pussy Fleshlight in six intense textures to treat your cock to the best masturbation it will ever receive. You thought handjobs felt good, well you’ll never give yourself another one of those for a long as you live after you own a Pussy Fleshlight Male Masturbation Toy. If you are just starting out I would recommend the Original Pink Lady to get yourself warmed up to the Fleshlight experience. Once you get used to the original texture you can take your cock on wild ride with these following inserts: Super Tight, Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed and Vortez. Each one has a particular difference from the other one and gives your cock a very special experience. That’s why I own one of each of course, I’m addicted to Fleshlights. My wife thinks I collect flashlights that all look the same, haha stupid bitch.

So by now I hope you stop typing it in wrong and saying it wrong going forward because it’s the Pussy Fleshlight not Flashlight that you are looking for and since you are here you might as well get one from me and save yourself the time of looking for it somewhere else. I appreciate your business and know you and your cock will have the time of your life when you take a dip inside the Pussy Fleshlight and take your masturbation experience to a whole new dimension!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nekane's Tight Chest

Nekane has a tight chest but Dr Giotto assures her that everything is more than okay, at which point she proves herself playful and guides the doctor's stethoscope... to her vagina! Short of hearing the ocean, agile Dr Giotto senses that Nekane is aroused and heads down under to check her temperature from way deep inside.

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